Child Welfare Data & Results 2019

Children`s Aid Societies in Ontario are committed to using data to continuously improve the services provided to children and families.

We are pleased to share our local performance indicator data (PI) in 5 key areas that focus on safety and permanence for local children and youth. If you have any questions about the data you see presented here, please contact Jill Stoddart

PI4 Most families (90%) do not have a recurrence of child protection concerns within 12 months of case closure.

PI5 The majority of families who received ongoing protection services (87 %) did not return for service within 12 months of case closure.

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PI9 75% of children and youth in care are in family-based care

PI10 Within 12 months, 73% of children who were brought into care either return to their families or are placed in a permanent home

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PI15 Children and youth in care between the ages of 10 to 17 have scored the quality of their relationship with their caregiver between 6.4-6.6 out of 8.

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