Support for Foster Parents

As foster parents, not only do you have access to resources and programs from Family and Children's Services, you also become a member of the Foster Family Association of Waterloo Region, a member of the Foster Parents Society of Ontario and of the United Foster Parents of Canada Corporation.

Foster Family Association (FFA)
The purpose of the Foster Family Association (FFA) is to promote a closer working relationship between Family and Children Services of the Waterloo Region and foster parents. We promote community, a spirit of co-operation, and support among its members – all in the interest of improving and developing services for our Foster Families. We connect our foster families with the Ontario network of fostering through the Foster Parent Society of Ontario (FPSO). The FFA is a voice for you as foster parents; FFA advocates for foster families at both the local and provincial level.

FAIR (Fostering, Awareness, Improvement & Retention)
FAIR provides a forum where foster parents, kin caregivers and staff of Family and Children’s Services of the Waterloo Region can come together for the purposes of problem solving, sharing information, foster family retention, addressing better ways to support foster families, and to share ideas.

Foster Family Liaison and Information Program (FFLIP)
FFLIP is a program run by foster parents for foster parents. They provide support, information and assistance for specific issues that foster parents might be worried about. A FFLIP representative is available 24/7 on a confidential phone line.

Foster Parent Mentor Program
By matching an experienced foster parent with a new one, this mentoring program provides emotional support, encouragement and guidance for new foster parents as they adapt to their new role.

Each child who comes into care will be assigned a Children’s Services/Resource Worker (CSRW). The CSRW will regularly meet with the child and the foster parent. The CSRW will share information with the foster parent about the child and will work together to make sure the child’s needs are met. The CRSW provides support, guidance and information about training so that foster parents can best meet the needs of the children placed in their home.

Ongoing Training
There will be ongoing training provided by agency staff and external resources

Support Groups
Foster parent support groups provide a space to meet and offer mutual support to other foster parents.

Family & Community Support Worker
These workers provide in-home tangible supports to foster parents and youth.

Financial Assistance

Foster Parents are provided a Per Diem to help with the day to day costs of parenting a child. Base rates range from $44-$50 a day depending on the age of the child/youth. Other supports provided include clothing allowances, birthday allowances and holiday allowances. Some expenses are also eligible for reimbursement such as school pictures, class trips over $30, High school fees such as registration, year books, High School uniforms and parking expenses for medical visits. School drives are also eligible for mileage reimbursement, as well as other specific kinds of driving over a certain distance. Foster parents may also be eligible for compensation for attending training, which is paid out according to how many hours the training lasts.

Extended Health Care Coverage for Foster Children

Family and Children’s Services provides extended health care coverage (Greenshield) for all children in foster care. Foster parents will receive a Greenshield card for each child in their care.

Employee and Family Assistance Program

Foster Parents will also be enrolled in our EFAP program. This program includes the following:
1. Confidential and voluntary support service for foster parents and their families.
2. Fees are 100% covered by Family and Children’s Services of the Waterloo Region.
Speak to a worker for more details