Support for Foster Parents

Ongoing Training and Support Groups

As a foster parent, you will be assigned a Resource Worker who will help to guide and support you during your fostering experience. You are encouraged to attend regular training sessions and support groups in order to meet other foster parents, receive support and learn new things. Topics for training can include the latest in baby care (including car seat installations), caring for children who have experienced trauma, how to encourage attachment, how to work with the school system (communicating with schools, individual educations plans) and more!

Our regular support groups may have a planned topic for discussion or the floor may be open to discuss whatever the group feels is necessary. This is a great way to socialize with other foster parents, chat with resource workers and feel connected to the fostering community, so don't be shy. Please come and meet with us! You'll be glad you did.

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Foster Family Association (FFA)

All foster parents share membership in FFA and can select a board to represent their interests. The FFA board works closely with Family & Children’s Services to provide a liaison between all foster parents and the agency, promote fellowship among foster parents, and participates in fundraising and the planning of special events.

Foster Family Liaison and Information Program (FFLIP)

FFLIP is a program run by foster parents for foster parents. They provide support, information and assistance for specific issues that foster parents might be worried about. A FFLIP representative is available 24/7 on a confidential phone line.

Foster Parent Mentor Program

By matching an experienced foster parent with a new one, this mentoring program provides emotional support, encouragement and guidance for new foster parents as they adapt to their new role.

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Financial Assistance

Foster Parents are provided a Per Diem of $32/day to help with the day to day costs of parenting a child. In addition, a clothing allowance and some extra-curricular activity costs for the child may be approved. A mileage amount is also paid for any driving related to the care of the child.

Extended Health Care Coverage for Foster Children

Family and Children’s Services provides extended health care coverage (Greenshield) for all children in foster care. Foster parents will receive a Greenshield card for each child in their care.