Concerns About Our Service?

Do you have a concern about our service to you?  We want to hear from you so that we can work together to solve the problem.  You can bring a friend or support person to any meeting where we are working to resolve your concerns. 

1) The best place to start is to speak with your worker. You and your worker know each other, and you can talk things over in person or on the phone.  You can bring a support person with you to any meetings while we work to resolve your concerns.  If the problem isn't solved by talking with your worker, you can;

2) Call your worker’s supervisor and talk about it.  If the problem still isn’t solved, you can;

3) Ask to speak with the supervisor’s Senior Manager about it. If the problem still isn’t solved, you can;

4) Contact the Executive Director’s Office to discuss your concerns.

5) If you do not want to speak to anyone at Family and Children’s Services, you have the right to start a formal  process to complain about the Society, at any time. To begin the complaint process, you must complete the Formal Complaint To A Society’s Internal Complaints Review Panel (ICRP).(link to download form)

If you need help completing the form, contact the Executive Director’s office by calling 519-576-0540.  

Within 7 days of receiving your letter, the Executive Director will write back to you about whether or not your concern is eligible for an Internal Complaint Review Panel.  If your concern is not able to be heard by the Internal Complaint Review Panel, the letter will explain why. If your complaint is eligible to be reviewed by the Internal Complaints Review Panel, you will be provided with a date and time for a meeting.

The Executive Director may ask to meet with you to talk about your concerns, to see if they can be solved before meeting with the Internal Complaint Review Panel.

Child and Family Services Review Board (CFSRB)

If you feel you have not been heard or that you have not been given reasons for decisions, you may submit a complaint directly to the Child and Family Services Review Board (CFSRB).  To begin the complaint process, you must fill out the CFSRB’s form, which you can get here: -society/

You can contact the CFSRB by calling 1-888-777-3616; TTY: 416-327-9247

Ontario Child Advocate

The Ontario Child Advocate for Children and Youth can receive and respond to complaints from children and youth. If you are a child or youth, you can complain directly to the Ontario Child Advocate about any matter, without beginning or completing a process to complain to a society’s Internal Complaint Review Panel.

The Ontario Child Advocate may also conduct investigations.  If you are a child or youth with a concern or someone with a concern about a child receiving services from a society, you may complain to OCA to investigate a matter, only as a last resort. You can ask for an investigation once you have tried to resolve your complaint through the steps listed above. To begin an Ontario Child Advocate investigation, you must fill out the OCA form, which you can get here:  

You can contact the Advocate’s Office by calling 1-800-263-2841. 

The Office of the French Language Services Commissioner (FLSC)

You may complain to the FLSC at any time when you believe that you right to be served in French
was not respected.

For more
information and to complain to the FLSC, you may call them or fill out their
form, which you can get here: