360 Family Engagement

About 360 Family Engagement Framework

This training is rooted in the journey Waterloo FACS has taken over the last 10 years. It is a comprehensive approach to engage families and youth and their networks of support and ensure the safety and well-being of all children and youth.

360 Family Engagement Model integrates what we have learned from other evidence-informed framework that seek to engage families and youth in equitable ways to address the root causes of child maltreatment. We do this through collaborative family planning, family meetings, training and coaching.

The model addresses the need for collaboration from the first point of contact to case closure, providing clarity around why Children’s Aid is involved with a family and what needs to happen to close the case.

Training and coaching challenges participants/organizations to consider how they can create organizational processes that address internal biases and systemic barriers for the families we serve. This model includes adaptable tools and strategies that can be used across all agency roles to engage with families, children, and youth under a variety of circumstances. For more information email 360FamilyEngagement@facswaterloo.org or OACAS members can Link to 360 Family Engagement information.

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