Our In-House Community Partners

The Family Centre has a growing number of in-house partners who provide programs, events, and supports to help create our 'community of collaboration'. These partners include:

African Family Revival Organization (AFRO)

Resilience Project Partner

African Family Revival Organization aims to:

Support and develop the educational achievements, cultural and recreational interests of African youth.

Assist in the health improvement of African women.

Provide education and training facilities for African women.

Enable them to participate in Canadian society as active citizens.

Our CORE Values:

  1. Respecting diversity appreciating and celebrating diverse cultural heritages.
  2. Respecting religious diversity.
  3. Respecting family values.
  4. Promoting positive role models.
  5. Developing self respected, self esteem and empowerment.

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Bereaved Families of Ontario - Midwestern Region (BFO)

Bereaved Families of Ontario – Midwestern Region provides support programs for children, youth, parents, individuals and families who are grieving the death of someone in their life. All programs are free of charge.

Our Mission:

To provide an empathetic community of peer support and education for individuals and families who are grieving.

Our Vision:

The bereaved helping the bereaved so that no one has to walk alone through their journey of grief.

Our Values:

  • Empathy
  • Education
  • Gratitude
  • Respect
  • Confidentiality
  • Accountability

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Canadian Arab Women's Association (CAWA)

Canadian Arab Women's Association is a non-profit organization established with the purpose of connecting, supporting, and empowering Canadian Arab women in the Waterloo Region and Guelph in Ontario, Canada.

We represent a group of women who self-identify as Arabs regardless of their religious beliefs, socio-economic status, and educational levels.

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Canadian Aweil Youth Association (CAYA)

Resilience Project Partner

Canadian Aweil Youth Association is dedicated to supporting youth in Kitchener-Waterloo by providing them with educational and developmental opportunities. We strive to create an environment of friendship, unity and belonging where youth can gain strength and power collectively, and as individuals, through creative learning, and networking with other youth groups using sports and culture. We want to help youth and children learn and appreciate their cultural background, customs and traditions.

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Eritrean Islamic Community of KW Region (EICKWR)

Resilience Project Partner

Eritrean Islamic Community of KW Region empower our members by:

Giving them a voice in the community at large and an opportunity to share their experience, concerns, and perspective.

Creating opportunities to introduce the Eritrean Community to the larger Canadian public by working together and exchange culture, historical and traditional experiences.

Providing information session to non-Eritrean origin Canadians about Eritrea, it's culture, history, arts, Muslim and social events organized by the community.

Identifying and addressing issues that affect the well being of the Eritrean community.

Representing and advocating for members of the Eritrean community.

Offering relevant programming, activities, and resources to members.

Aiding in matters directly or indirectly related to the settlement and integration of Eritrean newcomers.

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Hummingbird Centre for HOPE (HCH)

Resilience Project Partner

Hummingbird Centre for Hope (HCH) was established in 2012 to meet the unique and evolving needs of individuals who lose their spouse or partner at a young age, and encounter themselves shouldering the responsibility of raising a child or children as a widowed parent.

In an environment of hope and understanding, HCH provides life long support to widowed parents with dependent children to meet their emotional, social, financial and spiritual needs as their grief may manifest in different ways throughout the life journey.

HCH provides tools, knowledge, strength and courage to widowed parents so that they can create a renewed sense of self and rebuild the lives and dreams of their young families.

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KidsAbility is a dynamic, multi-faceted organization that serves children with a wide range of special needs.

This includes children with developmental disabilities and delays related to premature birth, medical syndromes such as Down syndrome, coordination disorders, and autism; physical disabilities such as muscular dystrophy, spina bifida and cerebral palsy; and communication difficulties in language, articulation, fluency and voice.

KidsAbility empowers children and youth with special needs to realize their full potential.

Read more about KidsAbility.

KidSport KW

KidSport Kitchener Waterloo helps overcome the financial barriers that exist in families so that all kids have the opportunity to participate in organized sport.

We work to ensure that no kid is ever left watching from the sidelines.

Read more about KidSport KW.


Resilience Project Partner

Levant is a non-profit organization that helps in the settlement and integration of newcomers to the community.

Our vision is a welcoming, discrimination-free Kitchener-Waterloo region. The future we are building includes empowered inter-cultural exchange.

Levant organization is driven towards success thanks to the volunteering efforts and the dedication of the community members who chose to take an action and contribute to the relief of their fellow humans.

Levant is also dedicated to supporting refugees' empowered integration into Canadian life through arts and culture. Through the arts, Levant promotes intercultural dialogue and belonging. Our ongoing arts and culture programs help encourage integration and exchange between newcomers and established Canadians. They also support pride in the newcomers’ home cultures.

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Muslim Social Services KW (MSS)

Resilience Project Partner

Muslim Social Services of Kitchener Waterloo is a not-for-profit volunteer-driven organization that provides culturally and spiritually sensitive humanitarian and social services to the Muslim and non-Muslim community of the Waterloo region.

MSS aims to foster a healthy, inclusive environment and provides various opportunities of learning and personal growth through its educational, outreach, and support initiatives; it seeks to create an understanding of Islam and Muslims in Canada, build bridges with other faith communities as well as mainstream social service and community organizations.

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Somali Canadian Association of Waterloo Region (SCAWR)

Resilience Project Partner

The Somali Canadian Association of Waterloo Region (SCAWR) is a non-profit community association whose mandate is to enhance the lives of Somali Canadians and immigrants of Waterloo Region. The organization was first established in 1994 to facilitate awareness of the needs of Somali refugees in the region.

As the community was growing, it became apparent that there was a significant need for an association to help with the settlement of the growing number of refugees and newcomers from Somalia and the larger Horn of Africa.

Our goal is to motivate members to actively participate in community-based initiatives and programs, as well as to foster awareness of the rights and responsibilities of good citizenship.

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White Owl Native Ancestry Association (WONAA)

White Owl Native Ancestry Association brings their Wholistic Child & Youth programs to The Family Centre.

Wholistic Child and Youth was established to ensure Aboriginal children and young people acquire better access to culturally appropriate mental health and addictions services. This could be in the form of counselling, group therapy and/or crisis intervention, which would encompass a range of culturally competent traditional teachings and ceremonies.

White Owl Native Ancestry Association has now a direct line: 519-957-5004. Please update accordingly.

For further information contact: Chelsey Montfort, Program Coordinator chelseymontfort@gmail.com

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