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Strong Families

Caring Safely for Children and Youth

How We Can Help

When we receive a call, we gather as much information as possible to determine if help is needed and how we should respond. If a child or youth may be in need of protection, we will develop a plan together with the family that creates safety and well-being of the child or youth and supports the family.

When help is needed over a longer period of time; assessment, planning and supports are provided for the family by child welfare professionals who have a blend of expertise and resources that best fits the child, youth and family's situation.

We believe the best way to help is by planning together with families and their networks of support at the earliest stage possible.

Children do best when they are at home safely with their families. It may be helpful for families to know that the vast majority of the work we do is supporting families to care safely for their children at home.

Sometimes there is a concern that is serious enough that the child will not be safe in either of their parents' care. When this happens, we look for extended family or others known to the child who can take care of them while their parents work on making some changes.

Statistics About Our Service

  • Last year, Family and Children’s Services received over 10,000 inquiries/referrals and, of those, approximately 4, 000 required a response due to child protection concerns
  • On an average day, we are serving over 1, 500 amilies
  • Over 90% of the service we provide is supporting families to care safely for their children at home

In addition to child welfare services, we have many programs to help families with children of all ages that focus on areas like;

  • improve your relationship with your partner
  • deepen your connection to your baby or toddler
  • play and learn parenting skills with your child
  • after school groups build relationships and self confidence
  • improve your relationship with your teenager

If you have reason to believe that a child is in need of protection or is at risk of harm, or you are looking for support for your family, call us at 519-576-0540.

Let's talk together, work together and figure it out together.