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Public Adoption

Family & Children's Services works to support and strengthen families so that children/youth are able to remain safely at home. At times, it is not possible for children/youth to be raised by their parents or relatives, and a placement with adopters who are unknown to the child may be considered. The child’s relationships with their family are maintained through openness in adoption.

Adoption is the legal process that gives children and youth a permanent, loving relationship with a new family when their birth families and Kin are unable to care for them. Family and Children’s Services of the Waterloo Region completes public adoption for local children/youth who are currently in the permanent care of Ontario’s child welfare system. Children and youth needing permanent families through adoption are often older, require placement with their siblings, have experienced trauma, and may have complex needs.

Family and Children’s Services of the Waterloo Region is seeking applicants interested in adopting single children as well as those willing to adopt sibling sets (2+). Applications at times are sought for infants and toddlers with high medical or other special needs.

If you are interested in Public Adoption in Ontario, your first step is to contact Centralized Adoption Intake Service Central Intake (CI) - Adoption Council of Ontarioto learn more about adoption in Ontario and have your questions answered.

Once you have connected with Centralized Adoption Intake Service and meet the criteria for public adoption, and you live in the Region of Waterloo, please contact the agency and ask to speak with a recruitment worker or email: