Report a Concern

As a community, we are all responsible for keeping children safe. The Child, Youth & Family Services Act, 2017 defines a child in need of protection as; having experienced actual harm, or at risk of experiencing harm, physically, sexually or emotionally. Harm can occur by either abuse or neglect.

If you are a parent and you need help or if you're worried about a child, please call us to talk about it.

Some things that might worry you could be;

  • you feel you need to talk to somebody
  • you're worried about how you care for your children
  • children have a lack of food, shelter, care and attention
  • children have cuts, bruises or are acting aggressively to others
  • children have or may be forced into sexual activity or show unusual sexual behaviour
  • there is teasing, bullying or violence at home, school or in the community

These are just a few things that you could be worried about. Click here for further information about abuse and neglect. Additional information can be found on the Association of Children's Aid Societies website

Your Duty to Report

  • Everyone must report suspected child abuse or neglect
  • Reports should be based on what you have seen or heard
  • Make a report every time you have a concern, even if you have made reports before about the same child
  • Section 125 of the CYFSA of the Child and Family Services Act states that the public, including professionals who work with children, must promptly report any suspicions that a child is or may be in need of protection to a children's aid society (CAS). The Act defines the phrase "child in need of protection" and explains what must be reported to a CAS. It includes physical, sexual and emotional abuse, neglect, and risk of harm.
  • Professionals have a legal obligation under Section 125 of the CYFSA to report suspected child abuse or neglect
  • For more information about your Duty to Report please find the updated duty to report brochure, Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect: It’s Your Duty, in English and French using the following links:
    Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect EN
    Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect FR

If you have reason to believe that a child or youth is in need of protection or is at risk of harm, or you are looking for support for your family, call us at 519-576-0540.

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