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Our Mission

Building relationships with families and communities for the well-being and safety of children and youth.

Our Vision

A caring community where children and their families thrive.

Be Part of Something Special

Foster families provide care for children who can’t live safely with their own parents or other kin.Becoming a foster family is a rewarding experience. Be a part of something special! LEARN MORE

Helping Families

We believe the best way to help families care safely for children is by planning together with families and their supports at the earliest stage possible. LEARN MORE

Welcome to Family & Children’s Services of the Waterloo Region

As one of 47 Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario, it is our role to respond and work together with families, their supports and our communities to prevent harm to children and to protect and care for children who have been abused or neglected.

Thank you! CHYM Tree of Hope Campaign 2015

Thank you to everyone who supported the CHYM Tree of Hope this year! There are so many of you who got involved by making a donation, volunteering, and stopping by CF Fairview Park mall during the radiothon. We loved seeing so many staff involved too!

Because of you, over $400, 000 was raised to support the local children and families we serve. Please remember that YOU made this happen – we couldn’t have done it without you!

… and there’s more! This holiday season, over 800 families benefited from the AAF Holiday Support program (over 2400 individuals!) and hundreds more will receive supports all year long in the form of scholarships, camp experiences, sports and recreation opportunities and other needed services.

One day does make a difference for families in our community! Thank you so much for the important part you play in making sure that local families and children have the opportunities they need to heal, learn and grow.

Help today for a better tomorrow.

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2015 CHYM Tree of Hope

Help Children and Families in Our Community

The Family & Children’s Services Foundation relies on the generous support of individuals and businesses in our community to provide innovative programs and supports to help children and their families heal, learn and grow.

Donate Today

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Making a Difference!

Over 100 donors, community partners, staff, volunteers and families were inspired by the personal stories shared by those touched by the work of Family & Children’s Services at the “Making a Difference” event on September 17, 2015. We extend a heartfelt thank you to all who donate their time and resources to help children and families in our community get the support they need to heal, learn and grow.


“Don’t underestimate us. We are more capable than we look. We are more resilient than we seem. We have a lot of fight in us and we never cease to amaze.”

A local youth in foster care has a lot to celebrate!

On May 14th each year, youth in foster care are celebrated across the province of Ontario for their strength and resilience as well as their contributions for positive change to the system that protects and cares for them.

One such local youth is 21 year-old Alicia. Read her full story here.

MG 1002

Meet Natalie

For children that have grown up in foster care, the thought of going to university or college can seem out of reach. Thanks to generous donations, Natalie will graduate from university. "Without you and your donation to the scholarship fund, I wouldn't be doing this at all." You can help make a child in care's dream of a better life a reality by financially supporting a Family and Children's Services Foundation Scholarship.


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