Things to Consider

Wanting to care for a child you know who needs a safe place to stay is a very generous gift.  There are some important things to think about when you make the decision to become a Kinship Service caregiver.

Think about:

  • Am I ready and willing to change my role in the child's life and be a "parent" to the child for as long as he or she needs me?
  • How will that change my relationship with the child?  With the child's parents?
  • How do I feel about the child's parents right now?  Can I supervise contact between the parents and the child?
  • Can I add this child to my family and still afford what my family needs?
  • Am I willing to go to therapy with the child or other services the child needs?
  • Am I okay with getting involved in the child's court case?
  • If the child is not able to return home, would I consider legal custody or adoption? 

If you have thought about these things and are ready to apply, please contact an Initial Assessment Worker at 519-576-0540 or email

When parents make the changes that are needed to keep their children safe and well cared for, we hope that you will continue to be a support to the family. The safe, loving and stable family life you have provided will be a lifelong gift that you have given that child and that family.