Family Centre Newsletter - Fall 2021

Manager's Reflection

I would like to reflect upon the seasonal cycle that ushers us into the Fall. I feel we are consciously or unconsciously guided by the natural process of change and transformation. I am enjoying the harvest of Tomatoes, Habaneros in my backyard and sharing them with others. I recognize the entire process of digging the ground, laying new soil, planting the saplings, and watering them, which has culminated into this end process of harvesting and sharing the nature’s gifts. As I examine the process, I can see what I cultivated and what I am harvesting. This action process is a path which we all engage with in different forms and spheres of life, including our families, organizations and communities.

As I complete the cycle, I also recognize that I can not go back in time and change certain aspects of the process of cultivating. And yet, one can plan and prepare to do things differently as we enter a new cycle. In this journey, I need to find my own rhythm. This means I need to examine my values and principles, and determine what I want to nurture and share in the coming cycle. I need to ask myself which aspects of the earlier process I want to keep alive and which ones I want to change through innovation, renewal and regeneration.

I feel deep gratitude, connection and contentment towards the richness of life in every form and the lessons it brings to me. I would like to invite you to continue cultivating, harvesting and sharing our solidarity, love and partnership. Let us do this with grace.

Santiago Grande

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