Resilience Project - Celebration of the Arts

Music Academy

Explore musical creativity! get to know each other, play games, and listen to or sing songs that we like. Each week we build our musical skills, whether that be rhythm, singing or knowledge of the keyboard, so that we can start to make our own music.

The kids get to learn how to use a free app called BandLab that lets them record vocals and instruments, use electronic instruments like synthesizers and drum machines, and make up original songs or cover some of their favourite hits.

Players Theatre

Games, improvisation, and scene exercises, and building characters of our very own! Children use theatre skills and techniques to build a sense of cohesion, inclusion, and community.

Creative Space

Creative Space is a safe space for children 6-12 years old focusing on the development of their artistic skills, socialize in a safety environment, built positive values, encouraging them to find their own style and develop resilience skills in the process of making art happen.

December 15th was a great Celebration of the Art night!! The children loved the party, the gifts, pizza, etc. We all dance and play music together! Thank you Kevin for the music!!

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