Manager's Reflections

Manager’s Reflections

Greetings to everyone in this New Year as we contemplate our place in the larger web of life, our core values, and determine our purpose through intertwined connections. The New Year brings us to celebrate the efforts of those who continue to contribute to our communities. I recognize that our communities have different experiences. These differences need to be acknowledged, respected and nurtured in a way that we can move towards collective wholeness.

Within this spirit, the Family Centre is going to witness innovative initiatives through gradual re-opening of the Kitchen, formerly known as Morning Glory Café. Under the leadership and vision of the White Owl Native Ancestry, the Kitchen will be a space for preparing Indigenous and non-Indigenous foods through collaborative networks. Anyone interested in participating in this initiative, it invited to do so.

Family Centre is once again becoming a vibrant space as activities and events are regularly organized during evenings and weekends. The space is being utilized by various ethno-cultural community members, thus emphasizing the growing diversity in our world. We are hoping to dedicate spaces for youth activities and inter-generational gatherings in this New Year. We are opening the space for family gatherings for birthday and other forms of celebrations.

Let us listen to the calling of our spirit and invoke our collective energy to bring peace, harmony and abundance to our diverse ways of living and being.

Santiago Grande