Canadian Arab Women's Association (formerly known as The Arab Women of Waterloo Region)

The Arab Women of Waterloo Region, a non-profit organization supporting Arab women in Waterloo Region, has announced the change of its name to the Canadian Arab Women's Association (CAWA). We have now grown more than ever, and we believe the name CAWA is more inclusive. It also resonates more with our vision as a leading association that supports Arab women in Waterloo Region. At CAWA, we envision every Arab woman to feel empowered, confident and enabled to reach her full potential.

Established in 2016, CAWA aims to connect Arab women by creating networking events, seminars, educational classes, lifestyle and wellness sessions, inspirational stories by members, and Eid initiatives and social programs. Now, CAWA strives further to provide a unique, culturally-sensitive support in Arabic to Arab women in Waterloo Region regardless of their race, religion, economic, social and educational backgrounds.
CAWA includes participants from a diverse range of Arab backgrounds, including Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Sudan. Despite the pandemic's impact, CAWA is looking forward to providing more virtual activities this year to keep the community connected and updated.
To learn more about CAWA's 2021 events, follow us on our social media platforms – Facebook and Instagram -- at the Canadian Arab Women’s Association.

About CAWA:
The Canadian Arab Women’s Association (CAWA) is a non-profit organization aiming to provide a supportive network for Arab women by connecting them with resources, programs, community, and each other. CAWA strives to enable Arab women and girls to positively impact their lives, the lives of their families, and their community. For more information, please contact: