Become a Volunteer

Spending time with people in a meaningful way requires time to build a relationship. As a volunteer, you could work directly with a child, youth, or family OR you could provide much needed support services for Family and Children’s Services projects, special events, and research. You can learn more about these volunteer opportunities below.

Working directly with children, youth or families

When you volunteer your time, skills, and talent in a direct role with a child, youth, or family, you must be able to make a consistent commitment for a few hours every week for a minimum of 6 months. Here are a few options:

  • Mentor a child or youth one-to-one by taking them out each week and engaging them in a positive recreational opportunity to boost self-esteem and teach them social skills.
    • Your commitment would be 2 hours per week for a period of 6 months to one year.
    • Your mileage and activity costs are reimbursed.
  • Tutor a child or youthwho has gaps in their education or other learning challenges. You would tutor in the child’s home, neighbourhood library or community centre, or at The Family Centre.
    • Your commitment would be once per week for the entire school year.
    • Mileage and supply costs are reimbursed.
  • Drive children or youth to day care, school, family visits, therapy appointments, camp, etc.
    • Your commitment would be to provide consistent and reliable transportation as well as a positive role model each week for one or more assignments.
    • Mileage is reimbursed.
  • Support a parent or a family by meeting with them once per week to help with home management, grocery shopping and preparing meals, transporting to appointments, and providing respite as the needs arise.
    • Your commitment would be once or twice per week as needed for 3 months and over.
      Mileage is reimbursed
  • Help to give a break to a family or a parenting group by providing child care in the family’s home or at a group location. For a group with several children, volunteers may work in teams to provide child care for a group.
    • Your commitment could be once per week for several weeks or months OR one time only as the need arises.

Supporting Special Events and Projects

If you’re interested in volunteering for special projects and events, you may not need to complete all of the application steps. However, a current police record check is required for work with the Vulnerable Sector.

Special Events such as the Shot Street Hockey Tournament and the Adopt a Family Program raise funds to benefit children, youth, and families in the Region of Waterloo. They require a large group of volunteers to support and implement the many areas of the event.

Your length of commitment and the amount of time you spend can vary throughout the year, depending on special events or the scope of a particular project. Projects include a wide variety of activities from research to office tasks, event preparation, and more.