Lara's family receives gifts

Hard times can fall upon any of us, and when this happens we rely on friends and family to help. In many cases, extended family members step in to care for children when they need a safe and familiar place to stay. This can be challenging for families, but they are very committed to the children they care for. Often there are financial hardships that can make the holidays very stressful, but the Holiday Support program makes sure that everyone has a special gift under the tree.

A young family of four who took on full-time care of their baby niece in the summer of 2014 were on a very tight budget. They were so moved by the community’s contribution to their family at Christmas that they sent a note of thanks to their worker, Kelly.

“Taking in Lara was the least we could do to try to provide her with the best possible life and to ensure that she is taken care of, loved, and grows up to be a happy and successful little girl.

Today we received gifts from you as part of the Holiday Support program and we were blown away. The generosity is so far beyond amazing! We did NOT expect everything that we received. We let the kids open one gift and we are saving the rest for Christmas day.

Aaron was on the verge of tears opening his Eagles hat and so am I as I write this email; I am still in shock. We want to say thank you a million times over for everything! We plan on giving back to the community starting today, as we want to give back to others and spread some of the happiness we are feeling right now! Thank you again from all of us!”