Helping Families Heal

Family & Children’s Services helps families living in Waterloo Region to heal, learn and grow. Sometimes parents struggle with unhealed trauma from their own childhoods, and this can become overwhelming when they are trying to raise their own children.

One mom shared her story at the CHYM Tree of Hope tree lighting ceremony in 2014. She had the courage to heal old wounds in order to become a better parent.

"Failure was never an option. I picked up the pieces when they broke and cried silent tears every night. By day I was your typical housewife; making sure everyone had breakfast, lunch and dinner, the laundry was done and appointments were made. My brain was on constant ‘go-mode’ and in a way that kept me together.

But as soon as everyone was in bed, the memories came flooding back - images that I never wanted to see again - I saw every time I closed my eyes. The only way I could sleep was with prescription medication. I also used anti-anxiety medication when I had a bad day. I coped with it all by burying my pain and kept going whether my heart wanted to or not. People relied on me and I couldn’t let them down.

Then I broke. A regular day with normal events turned me into a person I never thought I could be. I didn’t plan this, and I don’t have time to break - I have way too much to do!

“She helped me get the help I needed to heal myself and heal my family”

I didn’t know it at the time but that’s when my guardian angels walked into my life - Family & Children’s Services. They’ve been a part of our family for just over 3 months and before this I had never heard of them.

When we met our worker, I was scared of everything that was happening. Most of all I didn’t want her to judge who I was as a person because of what had happened. She sat down with us and got to know us as individuals and as a family. She was respectful, kind, open and honest and listened to our story. She helped me get the help I needed to heal myself and heal my family.

I often prayed for a miracle to make my family stronger and to let me become whole again. I felt it was never going to happen for me, but it did."