Quarni Youth and Seniors Group Winter Session

Posted: November 27, 2020

Registration Now Open!!!

KMFW and Sexual Assault Support Centre-KW present: Virtual 10-Weeks QARNI Youth and Senior's Group at KMFW

Qarni (pronounced Ka-ni) means Generations in Somali language.

Qarni provides the much-needed opportunity for seniors and youth to culturally connect, engage, share knowledge, grieve, heal from trauma, and celebrate their Black culture, by making available a culturally safe and positive space. This form of intergenerational approach to learning and care will further and strengthen youth-senior connections; connections that would help youth learn more about their Black identity and cultural heritage, and help the elderly widen their network of social supports.

Qarni workshop and discussion will address health and social topics designed to address pertinent health and social topics; e.g. stress management, self-care, mental/physical wellness, gender stereotypes, and healthy relationships will equip seniors and youth with needed tools, techniques and resources to adequately cope and develop individual and collective resilience.

If you are a Black identifying youth between the ages of 15 and 21 and a Senior in South-Western Ontario, and wish to participate in this virtual group, please email info@kindmindsfamilywellness.org