360 Family Engagement Launches as a Shared Service

Posted: June 12, 2019

About 360 Family Engagement Model

This training is rooted in the journey Waterloo FACS has taken over the last 10 years. It is a comprehensive approach to engage families and their networks of support and ensure the safety and well-being of all children and youth.

360 Family Engagement Model integrates what we have learned from evidence-informed models including Signs of Safety, Family Finding, Anti-Oppressive Practice, and Trauma and Attachment. As part of the training and ongoing coaching and mentoring, facilitators and participants will critically reflect on how we work with and engage families and what we can be doing differently. It will challenge participants/organizations to consider how they can create organizational processes that address internal biases and systemic barriers for the families we serve. We look at how to engage families and their networks from our first point of contact to case closure. We address the need for collaboration and clarity around why Children’s Aid is involved with a family and what would need to be happening within the family and their network to close the case.  This model includes adaptable tools and strategies that can be used across all agency roles to engage with families, children, and youth under a variety of circumstances.

“We need to be a lighthouse for families….not a lifeboat they become dependent on”

 “It was the other dimensions of skill that seemed to have a much stronger relationship to outcomes. Good authority – a combination of purposefulness, child focus and clarity about concerns – was a much better predictor of positive family change. This is really interesting: engaging parents is not enough. In child and family social work, purposeful and authoritative practice is crucial.” (Pinsoneault, Fiermonte, Dreyfus; Realizing Permanency, Well-Being through Authentic Engagement, May 2013)