Wish and Give

Many of our donors tell us how important it is to them that their children learn about giving back to their community. Sometimes it’s buying and donating a needed item or weekly volunteering as a family or hosting a garage sale. And then there is Wish & Give!

Wish & Give offers a really easy way to get kids involved and is a great tool for birthdays or for teacher’s gifts. You plan an event, choose your charity (we are on there!), and invite your guests. Guests, whether they attend or not, can then donate to the charity you have selected AND contribute to a gift for the guest of honour! And that’s the wish and give – kids get to wish for a special present, and they get to give to a cause they care about. Win-win.

It’s great for adults too! Think retirement parties, anniversaries, office parties, weddings and of course, birthdays!

Visit www.wishandgive.ca to learn more.