C.A.R.E. Home

Program Description

C.A.R.E. (Creating Alternative Residential Experiences) is a family supported home for youth.  Through a trauma and attachment lens, C.A.R.E. home parents reside in the agency home and provide daily care, structure, and advocacy for up to six youth. They create a warm, engaging, and empathetic home environment to help the youth begin the healing process from traumatic experiences ranging from abuse to neglect.  Currently, the agency has 6 C.A.R.E. homes in the community.


C.A.R.E. is a family based model that uses a team approach for the child/youth’s individual treatments, family support, and recreational programming.  Each of the 6 C.A.R.E. home parents work closely with an assigned child and youth worker as well as a Supervisor to provide support.  C.A.R.E. home parents are provided with a house in the community along with a financial budget for maintaining the daily activities in the home.  They have the flexibility to create a variety of programs for the youth as well as having access to a host of agency supports such as clinical consultants, training, and skills development opportunities. 


Family and Children’s Services of Waterloo Region is looking for couples or individuals who,

• Are passionate about youth;
• Have experience working with at-risk youth as a social worker, child and youth worker, or foster parent;
• Demonstrate knowledge and psychology around the effects of trauma and attachment;
• Have positive intervention skills and a consistent approach to parenting;
• Have the ability to develop strong relationships with youth; i.e., trust, respect, good listener, non-judgmental, understanding, empathy;
• Demonstrate excellent organizational and time management skills to address household, budget, programs, meals, and appointments;
• Demonstrate strong communication skills, advocacy, sound judgment, and the ability to work well as a team and with community service providers;
• Can make a life style commitment for a minimum of 2 years.

Being a C.A.R.E. home parent is more than a job, It’s a family lifestyle choice!