Our Place Family Resource and Early Years Centre

Hello to our Family Centre neighbours!

While Our Place continues to work virtually, check our website, www.ourplacekw.ca, for updates on free virtual programs for children and parents/caregivers.

Two of our current activities include:

Virtual Playdates
Our Place wanted to know if children aged 3-6 could engage in play virtually. Can we re-create the rich, regulating experience of “playing with my friends” online? The answer has been ‘yes’ and playdates can be booked through: https://www.ourplacekw.ca/virtual-playdates

Adopt a Staff
This idea emerged from a growing need to connect beyond virtual programs and meetings. We really missed the sense of community that would come naturally as we passed each other in the hallway, chatted in the hub space, or met in the café.
Each week staff are given a selected staff adoptee, and then reach out by sending emails, texts or having coffee over zoom. Staff can connect more personally beyond work and share life happenings.