COVID-19 Waterloo Region declared Red Level

These measures are put in place for the FACS employees, volunteers and service users. I believe this information might be helpful and relevant to you as your organization develops and implements its own processes and measures that align with the Red Level.

  • Masks must be worn at all times by staff, volunteers and service users throughout the building at the Family Centre.
  • Cloth masks are to be used by staff and volunteers only if they are not having direct contact with service users. All service users (including children ages 5 and up) will be required to wear a face covering while engaged in service delivery.
  • Staff may only remove their masks in Agency spaces when they are alone in their offices or their workstations.
  • Visitors to the Family Centre must wear a mask in order to access the premises.
  • All in person staff meetings will cease and all training will continue to be done virtually.
  • All volunteer services with the exception of transportation will be conducted virtually (this includes tutoring and mentoring).
  • All service users must be screened prior to an in person contact.
  • If a service user (including a child age over the age of 5) refuses to wear a mask the service provided must stop (access visit, group participation, in home support visit, etc.)
  • When full PPE is required a Level 2 surgical/procedure mask will be worn.
  • Access visits will continue using enhanced safety protocols as described above; however, food and drink will not be permitted during visits.
  • Current capacity for The Family Centre public areas is a maximum of 50 people.
  • Room capacity must not exceed 10 people and must ensure physical distancing of at least 2meters at all times.
  • All staff and foster parent training will be done virtually. This will include Foster/Adopt information sessions, PRIDE training and other foster parent training/support.
  • All group programs will move to a virtual platform.
  • In all cases, where staff feel they have had a close contact in the workplace, HR must be contacted immediately for a risk assessment prior to landing the final plan with the employee. This is to ensure consistency of approach and the ability to consult with Public Health if required. The policy on Addressing the Risk of Transmission will be updated with new procedures and available early next week.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For further information please follow up with the Region of Waterloo Public Health department at:
Or Self Assessment tool at:
Or the Ministry of Health: