About The Family Centre

In 2001, Family and Children’s Services of the Waterloo Region joined together with families and community partners to talk about building a united, connected community for children and families where children would be safe, healthy and loved.

This was the beginning of The Family Centre where connections, relationships, and partnerships are made. It’s a place where children and families can find the programs and services they need to help them in growth, development, recreation, and educational achievement.

For Family and Children’s Services, working closely with community partners helps to develop prevention programming, enhances early identification of families requiring assistance, and provides a better response to the needs of children and youth at risk of harm.

The Family Centre helps children and families:

  • identify and build on strengths they have
  • expand the range of services available in making change
  • seek greater stability and permanence for children and youth with family or alternative caregivers
  • enhance the future life chances and opportunities for growth, development, recreation, and educational achievement
Our Mission for The Family Centre:
Strengthening families through a community of collaboration
Our Vision for The Family Centre:
Strong families, a healthy community”.