Virtual Incredible Kids (Ages 6-9)

When: 10:00am July 13, 2020 at to 10:45am July 17, 2020
Where: Zoom (Monday-Friday)

We are pleased to offer a virtual hangout for kids to come together to have some fun, play some games and activities as well as discussions about feeling and supporting positive self-esteem.

  • Dates: July 13-17
  • Days: Monday-Friday
  • Times: 10:00-10:45
  • Facilitators: Melissa Adem and Sonia Koprivnikar

To register or to Make a Referral:
Please send an email to and include:

  • Name of Group
  • Family Name
  • Child's Name and Age
  • Contact Information

Additional information:

  • Platform: Zoom meeting, using the Password Protected and Waiting Room features
  • Time: Each session is 30-40 minutes
  • Availability: More groups may be added to the schedule based on demand
  • OPEN to everyone
  • Caregivers are able to email, text or call Facilitators with questions

Thank you.