Strategic Plan and Logo

Strategic Plan 2013-2018

In 2013, we developed a new strategic plan to clarify and focus for our vision, mission, values and strategic directions. As we started the process of developing a strategic plan, we felt that it was important to talk to people and organizations we work with to listen and understand their needs. In all, 120 stakeholders participated in focus groups and an additional 491 survey responses were received. The participation of the Agency and Foundation board members as well as staffing groups were key in the successful development of our Strategic Plan.

A New Logo

Alongside the strategic planning process, was the creation of a new logo.

The pinwheel logo was selected because it represents a toy that is recognized around the world. The toy's simple forward movement suggests to us that we can move forward when we work together. The center of the pinwheel represents children and families with the four petals (child welfare, the Foundation, Foster/Adopt, and the Family Centre) working together around the child and family to provide assistance. The petals can also represent the four points of a compass, the circular journey of life, or the four elements of a person: spiritual, mental, physical and emotional. We chose primary colours because they are bright and positive.

Our phrase Help Today for a Better Tomorrow captures the essence of the work of FACS and the Foundation, but also speaks to the need for community support and investment in the children, youth and families we serve.