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Tree of Hope Radiothon Pledges

In recognition of our 13 years on-air, we introduced our $13 CAN monthly giving opportunity; because $13 a month can make a difference in the life of an abused or neglected child from this community.

$13 CAN Club
Jose Medeiros
Mary Jane Lehmann
Carol Paquin
Jennifer Leisemer
Deborah Vaillancourt
Wendy Lamantia
David Leisemer
Christine Lang
Amanda Kobe
Vera Deitz
Patty Smith
Linda Cole

Tikvah Allarie  
Penny Vermeulen  
Leo Pellizzari  
Rose Bourre  
Christine Underwood  
Pat Delion  
Sunlife Financial  
John Milloy  
Vicky Sibley  
Terry Wood  
Strassburger Window & Doors  
Bob Strassburger  
John Griggs  
Nathalie Miller  
Kevin Redman/ Ecorez Inc.  
Joyce Jantzi  
Yo Burley  
Murray Haase  
Ross Wells  
Roxanne Warford  
Don MacDonald  
Elizabeth Nippard  
Jan Sherk  
Mary Liv Schwindt  
David Robb  
Tim Jamal  
Valerie Krupp  
David Lekemer  
Christine Lang  
Challenger Motor Freight  
Sir Edgar Bauer School  
Jan Pagett  
Valerie Suess  
Mary Lou McKeown  
Brian Sklar  
Kitchener Conestoga Rotary Club  
Shawky Alegf  
Helen Gunn  
Andrea Rodger  
Gail Weileder  
Carol Paquin  
Richard Wherle  
Jane Blandford  
Patti Pagett  
Linda Edisbury  
PPI Financial Group  
Lois Norris  
Ron & Rita Cherkewski  
Tina & Jamie Denomme  
Andy Roth  
Carol Whittaker  
Elizabeth Barnai  
Sharon Davies  
Jacqueline Armstrong Gates  
Trudy Yoanidis  
Clarance Ryan & Family  
Jackey Morey  
Christine Van Stuyvenberg  
C. Roy  
Elaine Ormston  
Sue Sadowsky  
Brenda Malloch  
David & Jordan Harrington  
Mike Carwana  
Lantern Restaurant  
Dennis Hewlett  
Liviu Bejah  
Audrey Fradley  
Angela Schmitt  
Patricia Paterak  
Ted Wilken  
Sheila Pigeon  
TRH Services  
Ted Couch (Couch & Company Ltd.)  
John Wilton (Remax)  
Bojangles Art of Dance  
Christine Cardoza  
Bogarts Salon  
Carol/Bryan Long  
Wendy Lang (Westvale Optimist Club)  
Darlene Allen  
Lilly Bain  
Tom Maloney  
Annabel Renon  
H&H Roofing and Sheet Metal Ltd.  
Patty Hachman  
Cynthia L. Bridge  
Dan Robertson  
Rick & Janice Kroetsch  
Barb McLeod  
Jim Kaus  
Sharon Morrice  
Sue McInroy  
Brian Souster  
Vera Dietz  
Karen Bustamante  
Patti Shane  
Mary Jane Lehmann  
Patti Shane  
Patti Shane  
Sandra Castellanos  
Allis Azad  
Augustine Walker  
Sharon Davies  
Kathy King  
Challenger Motor Freight  
Mike Licktie  
Mike & Helen Peddle  
Peter Stark (Ryobi)  
Dave Burkhart  
Hoss Cartage  
Linda Bourque  
Diane Dance/Dan Ayr  
Bonnie Oakes  
JBT Truck Lines  
Don & Wilma Hunt  
David Black  
Jane Caskenette  
Lynne Short  
France Morschauser
(Forest Park Homes)
Nancy Norman  
Kathy Sutton  
Mary Mancuso  
Teresa Norris-Lue  
Vicki Mollnaro  
Leslie Christie  
Roy Wagenknecht  
Gillian Lawrence  
Dennis Moor  
Jean M. Aoun  
Brian Boileau  
Sandy Brohman (Local Points Traffice Ticket Agent)  
Darlene Meyer  
Aline Gibeault  
Rick & Barb Purdy  
Vesba Ljubuncic  
Allison Savard  
New York Fashions  
Vicky Brown  
Barb Frridenburg  
Tami Runstedler  
Steve & Cathy Bisbee  
Marjorie & Bill McCue  
Fiona Gilbert  
Monique Laderroute  
Cambridge OPP Detachment
(A, D & Admin Platoons)
Ruth McCallum  
Ron Smith  
Jane Keller  
Kaye Rempel  
Sue Dunkel  
Harrison and Pat Reese  
Judy VanEverdingen  
Chiropractic Health Alliance  
Jim Kilgour  
Coleen Reitzel  
Ruth Elliott  
Bev Leudy  
Robert Leudy  
Margie Foster  
Bill and Terry Poll  
Vanessa Dickson  
Shirley Inglis  
St Mary's Hospital Health Records  
Eleanor Hunt   
Chris Belanger  
Adrian Conrad  
Dawn MacKinnon  
Anne Cuplend  
Randy Korell  
Matt Hobson  
Atlantic Transportation  
Dale Burgoyne  
K-DAC Expedite  
Heritage Truck Lines   
Jose Medeiros  
Mike Bruce  
Kelly's Clowns  
Christine Lang  
...and many, many more!

Bids for Brightest Star Auction

Coming Soon!!

What is the Brightest Star?
This year’s exciting Brightest Star prize package:
5,000 Pioneer Pools and Spas Package
Enhance your home or workplace with a wide selection of billiards, exercise equipment, or spas AND make a difference in the life of a child. Each bid is a pledge. The top pledge wins. So do the kids! For all your indoor or outdoor leisure needs;
Pioneer Pools—Waterloo Region’s leisure superstore.
Call the Tree of Hope Pledge Line at
to place your bid today.

Click here for more information

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